Tarchin Hearn, November 2014

Tarchin Hearn presented a program on “True Refuge” in Tasmania in November 2015.

  • Hobart evening sessions:
    Nov 11 – “The Vision of Refuge”
    Nov. 12 – “The Practice of Refuge – Mindfulness in Action”
    Nov. 13 – “The Fruition of Refuge – Mahamudra as a Way of Living”
  • Residential Retreat at Dorje Ling, Nov 14 – 23
    “True Refuge and The Way of Mindfulness”

There is no mystery more profound than mindfulness/awareness.

This is the path of living dharma. This is spirituality and practical living all rolled into one.

This is the source of joy and well-being the well-spring of health and happiness 
the treasure at the heart of everything and everyone.

There is no greater mystery.