Down To Earth Dharma 2021

After a post 2020 summer closure of the facility due to the Covid 19 pandemic we have taken our first step to welcoming groups back to the centre. This was trialled with an in-house retreat held recently. The Down to Earth Dharma retreat was held in January and led by 4 experienced practitioners over a 5-day period. It was a deep and wonderful retreat. The main difference between this and previous retreats was the need to follow our Covid protocols. This was a challenge and a great learning process. As a result of that trial we are now able to offer the facilities to other groups for their own retreats, subject at all times to current government Covid requirements of course.

Read a report of the retreat on page 7 of our Autumn 2021 newsletter.

Retreat poster

Above: Socially distanced retreatants at the Down To Earth Dharma 2021 retreat. Photos this page: Roslyn Alexander.