How you can help

Kitchen hands, 2015 retreat

Kitchen hands, 2015 retreat

  • Donate to our building fund at Dorje Ling Retreat Centre.

You may also make a one-off direct deposit from your bank account. Direct deposit is preferred: our bank details are here. If you need to pay by credit card however, you may pay via PayPal, using our email address
as the recipient.

  • Pledge a regular amount towards repayment of Dorje Ling mortgage.

We are happy to announce that since our mortgage interest rates are very good, we are at the point where we are regularly contributing to the reduction of the principal of this loan. Regular donations from individuals, groups or businesses are welcome, no matter how small. Please contact us for further information.
Unfortunately we do not have tax-deductable status.

  • Membership.

You are most welcome to join Tashi Choling Dharma Foundation Inc. as a member. Please see our membership page to find out more.

  • Merchandise.

We have some t-shirts for sale on our merchandise page. You can also contact us to purchase a current calendar.

  • Practical help.

Dorje Ling Retreat Centre is voluntarily maintained by our local community. We have recently installed a new Gompa roof, shower block and some extra accommodation rooms, and upgraded the kitchen facilities, the “Beyond” hut and the Caretaker’s cottage. New tent sites were also laid out in 2013. Future plans include the building of a new Gompa, more accommodation, and an upgrade of the solo long-term retreat hut, the “Villa”. We are grateful for any help in the form of caretaking, maintenance, building, equipment, planning, cooking for retreats, and any other help you may be able to give which would aid the running a property of this type. Contact us.

  • Bequests.

A bequest is a wonderful way to keep on contributing to the benefit of our local sangha and all sentient beings even after your death. Please read this article if you are considering a bequest, as one wrongly-worded bequest has cost us thousands of dollars in legal fees in the past.

We deeply appreciate your generosity.