NEWS FLASH: The Retreat Centre is now open for bookings. Covid safe protocols strictly apply.

We welcome your retreat booking enquiry.
Please note that the retreat centre is not available as a holiday destination.

  • Our events: Future scheduled events that you might like to consider booking for are listed here.
  • Your event: Dorje Ling Retreat Centre is available for group bookings or for individual retreats.

Before you send us your solo or group booking request

Dorje Ling Retreat Centre is situated in an isolated Tasmanian valley approximately 1 hour's drive from the nearest town. The centre is owned and operated by the Tashi Choling Dharma Foundation Inc. (TCDF) which is based in Hobart.

Dorje Ling has been set up and is run for the sole purpose of providing supportive facilities for meditation courses and retreats, both group and individual, and we welcome all enquiries for use of its facilities for that purpose. Please note that we do not have a regular teaching program on site, and there is no resident meditation teacher or cook.

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Dorje Ling is available, subject to other bookings, for hire for group retreats as well as providing opportunity for individual retreatants to undertake solo retreats. Important information for solo retreats is here. All enquiries should be directed in the first instance through our contact form.

A Terms and Conditions of Hire document provides extra information for groups wishing to hire the centre for a retreat.

Availability of self-contained cabins for individual retreat will always be subject to what else is occurring at the centre at the time. If you are interested in undertaking a personal retreat, please enquire and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please Note: Dorje Ling does not provide opportunities for volunteering in return for staying at the centre. ALSO, Dorje Ling Retreat Centre is not yet set up for potential retreatants with disabilities.

Fire protocol. All participants need to keep in mind that if we are given an extreme fire danger warning, relocation out of the valley may be a possibility. More information is in our Terms and Conditions of Hire document.

First Aid. Groups are responsible for providing their own first aid kit and officer. More information about first aid is in our Terms and Conditions of Hire document.

GROUP BOOKINGS. If you are wanting to book the centre for your group, there are a couple of important things to bear in mind.

  1. Cooking. There is a commercial kitchen at the Centre but there are no live-in cooks. If you wish your retreat to be catered, you will need to arrange for, and pay, your own cooks, and factor this into your costing. More information is in the two documents above.
  2. Transport. There is no public transport into Lorinna. Transport co-ordination is the responsibility of the organiser of the retreat. Our on-site caretaker is needed to remain on the property and therefore cannot help with transport. The best option is for retreat organisers to organise car pooling among their students. Another suggestion would be to hire a bus to transport students. Please see the "Getting There" tab.

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Dorje Ling Retreat Centre uses the five basic precepts as the fundamental rules of operation, and all retreatants or participants are expected to abide by those guidelines during their stay.

These precepts are:

  1. To abstain from taking the life of any living being
  2. To abstain from taking that which is not given
  3. To abstain from sensual misconduct
  4. To abstain from unskilful speech
  5. To abstain from taking substances which cause intoxication to the point of heedlessness

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An on-site caretaker looks after the property and welcome visitors to the centre. His/her role is to welcome visitors and retreatants, prepare cabins, ensure that there are adequate supplies of wood and gas, and keep supporting systems such as solar power and water running. He/she may sometimes be able to support solo retreatants through sourcing food and other supplies, but this must be negotiated ahead of time as part of organizing your retreat. He/she may also be available to provide the names of individuals who may be available to assist with cooking.

Food is not provided for either group hirers or individuals, and it is an important part of your retreat organization that you organize your own food supply ahead of time, or organize arrangements for it to be replenished and fresh food supplied as your retreat progresses. Similarly, all hirers are responsible for their own transport to and from the Centre.

It is traditional that retreatants, whether group or individual, contribute an hour a day’s dana (generous service) to the land as a part of any retreat. The caretaker can provide you with a list of simple activities which could be done during a retreat, which might support your need for some physical activity and also support the ongoing maintenance of the centre.

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Site Fee. Solo retreats: $50 per night. This cost, which includes camping, covers use of facilities, gas, water, wood, basic supplies such as toilet paper and dishwashing liquid etc. It does not include food. Group retreats: $35 per person per night.
In winter, there may be an extra weekly surcharge of $50 to cover fuel.

Costs are kept low so as to enable people to use the centre for retreats and to provide some support for the ongoing upkeep of this beautiful retreat facility. Our minimum fee is non-negotiable.

There is a limit on group numbers; please see Terms and Conditions.

A non-refundable booking deposit of 10% is required to secure your booking. Full payment is required before the commencement of your retreat. Payment options are here.

Please note all retreats must be paid for in full before beginning the retreat.

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Please be aware that the retreat centre is situated in a remote area and the closest shopping facilities are an hour’s drive away. The centre has limited power facilities so please do not expect to be able to charge e.g. phones/cameras/iPods/electric toothbrushes or shaving equipment.

We recommend you bring the following items with you to help make your stay as safe, enjoyable and comfortable as possible:

  • Torch (battery operated. Candles are only allowed in Gompa.)
  • Wet weather gear (raincoat/umbrella)
  • Toiletries
  • Any personal medications, remedies or supplements you might require (a well-stocked first aid kit is kept on-site as well)
  • Warm clothing (nights especially can be cool even in summer)
  • Loose comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and not constrictive
  • Footwear that is easy to take on and off (all buildings are shoes off)
  • Sunhat
  • Meditation cushions/stool – there are some available but if you have your own it is a good idea to bring them with you
  • Towel
  • Bedding (sleeping bag/doona/blankets, sheet, pillow, and pillow case). Mattresses are provided.
  • A battery operated alarm clock (if you’re not used to waking early)
  • Dana (cash/cheque) for the teacher in group retreats and courses
  • For movement based retreats: A yoga mat, or similar, and blanket to cover it with
  • For fire protocol: Strong shoes, torch, woollen blanket/rug and water container.

Dorje Ling is home to abundant wildlife. For this reason, no pets are to be brought onto the property.

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We look forward to supporting your retreat.