Booking Dorje Ling Retreat Centre for a Retreat


19/06/2023: Dorje Ling Retreat Centre taking a break.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently accepting bookings for retreats or other events.


Due to the nature of Dorje Ling Retreat Centre, the remoteness of the location and current Public Health requirements there are quite a few things to be aware of and to commit to before making a booking.

Please read all the information below including all relevant linked documents.

We suggest that you print or download this webpage and linked documents for your reference.



For any questions please contact us through the website contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ready to make a booking?

We welcome your booking request and look forward to working with you to support your retreat. Please use these application forms:


Background Information

Dorje Ling is situated in a beautiful isolated valley with significant lake and creek frontage.

It has been set up and is run to provide supportive facilities for meditation courses and retreats. It is available for hire for group and solo retreats. Please refer to the calendar on our web site for current bookings.

The centre is owned and operated by the Tashi Choling Dharma Foundation Inc. (TCDF) which is based in Hobart.

While TCDF is an organisation rooted in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, it welcomes making this unique retreat facility available to groups and solo retreatants who share similar values of humanity, compassion and wisdom.

TCDF respectfully acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of this land, and their elders, past, present, and future. We are grateful for their continued connection with and care for the land for over 60,000 years.


Dorje Ling Retreat Centre uses the Buddhist Five Basic Precepts as fundamental guidelines. All participants and visitors are asked to abide by those guidelines during their stay.

These precepts are:

  1. To abstain from taking the life of any living being
  2. To abstain from taking that which is not given
  3. To abstain from sensual misconduct
  4. To abstain from unskilful speech
  5. To abstain from taking substances which cause intoxication to the point of heedlessness.

Key Points to Note

  • Do not come to Dorje Ling if you have cold, flu or COVID 19 symptoms.
  • As a coordinator of a group or as solo retreatant you need to be well organised, prepared and self-sufficient.
  • Everyone must have a previously arranged booking either as member of a group or as solo retreatant before coming to Dorje Ling.
  • There is no regular teaching program on site. For the current list of events that you may be able to join have a look at upcoming events.
  • There is no resident meditation teacher or similar support.
  • There is no catering, food services or food supply available from the centre. The nearest shops are about an hour’s drive away. The closest petrol station is also about an hour’s drive away.
  • The centre is located in a remote beautiful bush environment. On fire danger days it may need to be evacuated. Dorje Ling Caretakers or other TCDF representatives will make the decision to evacuate when this appears to be advisable based on best available information at the time. As far as possible the decision will made in consultation with the retreat coordinator or sole retreatants, but this may not always be possible. The decision will take into account information from authorities, other official information and local knowledge. To ensure everyone’s safety the precautionary principle may be applied. 
  • You need to arrange your own transport to and from the centre. In case of an evacuation this needs to be available at short notice.
  • There is very limited mobile phone reception on the Telstra network, and there has been none on the other networks. You can confirm the current network coverage by doing a web search for “mobile network coverage tasmania” and using the address “1078 LORINNA RD LORINNA TAS 7306” at the coverage map or checker of your mobile network.
  • Unfortunately the centre at this stage has only limited ability to accommodate retreatants with disabilities. Please talk to us about your requirements, we will do our best to find solutions if possible.
  • The retreat centre is not available as a holiday destination.
  • All retreatants must undertake to immediately vacate the premises should they develop any cold or flu-like symptoms during their stay.
  • Please Note: For people experiencing mental health conditions, meditation is not a substitute for professional clinical treatment. In particular, meditation may be harmful for people experiencing Complex Trauma, PTSD, significant Substance Dependence or Psychotic Disorders. If in doubt, please seek advice from a psychologist or psychiatrist and speak to our Retreat Manager before booking your place.

Accommodation & Facilities

There are a range of accommodation options at Dorje Ling including plenty of tent sites, basic/rustic huts without power or water, small single bedrooms attached to the main building (which has a bathroom), an accommodation block with five rooms and three recently built cabins with lighting and water. There is a central communal shower block and there are several outdoor toilets around the property. There is plenty of room for campervans but no powered sites.

Accommodation is allocated on a needs basis – elderly and people with disabilities may request the more comfortable bedrooms and cabins while fitter and younger people may be asked to camp during a large group retreat. Please indicate your accommodation preferences and any special needs on the booking form.

All accommodation options attract the same daily fee.

The centre has limited power facilities so please do not expect to be able to charge e.g. phones/cameras/iPods/electric toothbrushes or shaving equipment. The system does not support electrical appliances with high power consumption eg. heaters, hair dryers, kettles.

Use of candles is not allowed on the property except tea-lights on the altar in the Gompa (meditation hall). These must be extinguished as you leave. The Gompa is old, precious, and vulnerable to fire.

Dana / Karma Yoga

It is traditional that retreatants, whether group or solo, contribute an hour or two a day as dana / karma yoga (generous service) to the land as a part of any retreat.

Caretakers will provide a list of simple activities which can be done during a retreat which supports your need for some physical activity and also assists in the ongoing maintenance of Dorje Ling.


Dorje Ling is a sanctuary for abundant wildlife. Pets are not allowed on the property.


The role of the onsite caretakers is to welcome retreatants, prepare cabins, ensure that there are adequate supplies of wood and gas, and keep supporting systems such as solar power and water running.

They may sometimes be able to support solo retreatants through sourcing food and other supplies, but this may not always be possible and it is essential to negotiate this ahead of time as part of organising your retreat.

The caretakers are not available to help with transport.

They are not able to provide any spiritual or personal counselling.

Catering, Cooking & Food

The main building has a fully equipped kitchen that allows cooking for groups. Some huts also have cooking facilities and equipment.

There is no catering, food services or food supply available from the centre.

It is an important part of your retreat planning that you organise your food supply ahead of time, and organise for it to be replenished and fresh food supplied as your retreat progresses.


You are responsible for your own transport in and out of the centre.

There is no public transport within an hour’s drive.

Regional bus services can take you to Deloraine or Devonport. Local bus services can take you as far as Sheffield and Mole Creek.

Hiring a taxi or bus is another option.

If you are are arriving by flight from interstate or overseas you may be able to hire a vehicle from there. Access to Dorje Ling is on gravel roads, vehicle hire agreements need to allow for that.

What to bring

We recommend that everyone brings the following items to help make the stay as safe, enjoyable and comfortable as possible:

  • Torch (solar or battery operated).
  • Wet weather gear (raincoat/umbrella)
  • Toiletries
  • Any personal medications, remedies or supplements you might require (a well- stocked first aid kit is kept on-site and may be used in emergencies)
  • Warm clothing (nights especially can be cool at the centre, even in summer)
  • Loose comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and not constrictive
  • Footwear that is easy to take on and off (all buildings require removing shoes)
  • Sunhat/sunscreen
  • Meditation cushions/stool – If you have your own it is a good idea to bring them with you. We have a few available to borrow
  • Towel
  • Bedding (sleeping bag/doona/blankets, sheets, pillow, and pillow case).Mattresses are provided
  • A battery operated alarm clock (if you’re not used to waking early)
  • Dana (cash/cheque offering) for the teacher, in group retreats and courses
  • For movement based retreats: A yoga mat, or similar, and blanket
  • For bushfire safety: Strong shoes, woollen blanket/rug and water bottle.

Group Bookings

  • It is strongly recommended that retreat organisers and coordinators work through and complete relevant sections of the following documents:
  • COVID-19 Safety Plan Template provided by the Tasmanian Government at
  • COVID-19 Case and Outbreak Management Plan Template at
  • For group retreat bookings a retreat coordinator is required who manages the group during their stay at Dorje Ling and who liaises with the caretaker and other TCDF support staff.
  • The retreat coordinator must have the experience and authority to manage the retreat on behalf of all participants.
  • First Aid: Groups are responsible for providing their own first aid officer and kit. More information about first aid is in our Terms and Conditions of Hire document.
  • Cooking: If you wish your retreat to be catered, you will need to arrange this separately. We may be able to help with contacts.
  • Transport: Transport co-ordination is the responsibility of the organiser of the retreat. You could organise car pooling among participants or hire vehicles.

Solo Retreat Bookings

  • Solo retreat applicants must have previous group retreat experience before a solo application will be considered.
  • Each solo retreatant must submit their own booking application. It is not OK to bring a friend along unless they have their own separate booking.
  • You are responsible for your own meditation program. Your meditation program needs to be approved by a recognised teacher or an experienced elder in your meditation tradition. This teacher or experienced elder needs to be available as contact during your retreat if you have questions or issues relating to meditation or the spiritual aspect of your retreat. Details of the teacher or experienced elder need to be provided before a booking can be accepted.
  • We require that you arrange at least one support person who can help you at short notice issues like medical needs, purchasing food & supplies, transport and emergency evacuation. The support person needs to be currently in Tasmania and be able to drive to the Centre at short notice. Details of the support persons need to be provided before a booking can be accepted.
  • Retreatants have to bring all of their own supplies as well as doing their own cooking / cleaning / catering. Mattresses, pillows and cooking facilities are provided.
  • Self-contained cabins for solo retreat may not always be available depending on what else is occurring at the centre at the time.


  • Solo retreatants: $50 per night. In winter, there may be an extra weekly surcharge of $50 to cover fuel/wood.
  • Group retreats: $35 per person per night, for each person including teachers, group leaders, and any support staff.

Costs cover the use of facilities, gas, water, wood, basic supplies such as toilet paper and dishwashing liquid etc., but not food.

All accommodation options attract the same daily fee.

Costs are kept low as possible so as to enable people to use the centre for retreats and to provide some support for the ongoing upkeep of this beautiful retreat facility. Unfortunately we are not in a position to negotiate the minimum fees.

Dorje Ling is not able to provide opportunities for volunteering in return for staying at the centre.

A non-refundable booking deposit of 10% is required to secure your booking. Full payment is required at least two weeks before the commencement of your retreat.

Payment options

  • Direct deposit: Commonwealth Bank, BSB: 067000, Account name: Dharma Foundation of Tasmania, Account number: 28042904.
  • PayPal, using the email address “” as the recipient.

Please note that all retreats must be paid for in full before the beginning of that retreat unless other arrangements have been agreed before the retreat.

More Fine Print 

Before requesting a booking make sure you are familiar with all of the following requirements:

All Retreat Bookings

Group Retreat Bookings