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We would also like to recommend the Bodhi organisation.

BODHI Australia is an NGO which has been providing practical help to countries such as India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Tibet since 1989.

Some of BODHI’s projects include education support for the descendants of refugees, scholarships for underprivileged children, providing IT training to students, providing creche facilities and women’s health support. The group has completed around 50 similar projects.

BODHI also works tirelessly in raising awareness of issues such as injustice, climate change, and the natural environment (such as the effect of palm oil products on orangutan populations).

BODHI stands for Benevolent Organisation for Development, Health and Insight. It is one of the first ever Buddhist-influenced NGOs in the world. The Buddhist concept of “bodhicitta” is the wish to be of benefit to all beings. Loving kindness should be extended to all forms of life, including people of every race, faith, ethnicity, status or caste. Many practitioners live their own lives deeply influenced by bodhicitta, but BODHI gives us the opportunity to assist with practical and organised expressions of bodhicitta which actively work in the areas of poverty relief, poverty prevention, justice, climate change, inequality, all forms of discrimination, female education and empowerment, and similar issues.

We can do far more as a collective group than we can ever hope to achieve as individuals. See how you can assist in the work of BODHI by visiting their website at www.bodhi-australia.com.