Dorje Ling

Retreatant on grounds near the Gompa

Outside the Gompa

Dorje Ling has a wonderful, natural, simplicity and beauty … a very special place to be … places such as this are becoming rare in the modern world.

Dorje Ling Retreat Centre (previously Illusion Farm) is located in the beautiful and secluded Lorinna Valley in the heart of Tasmania, in mountains not far from the Cradle Mountain World Heritage Park.

The Centre is situated on 48 acres of native forest and parklands, and includes a beautiful hexagonal log meditation building, a kitchen/dining building, a caretaker’s/manager’s house, a self-contained long-term retreat house/teacher’s residence, a solar-powered shower system, and several retreat huts. The property is serviced by both solar power and gas, and it also has ample space for camping. Walking and meditation tracks give access to the surrounding bushland. Many native birds provide a wonderful soundscape along the walking trails. Situated above a lake and bounded by forested hills, this peaceful sanctuary has a healing power which has been recognised by all who have meditated here. See testimonials.

The Vision
To build up the Dorje Ling Retreat Centre property as a beneficial resource for all beings.

The Opportunity
Dorje Ling Retreat Centre has always enjoyed extensive dharma community input into its development and maintenance, but prior to our purchase of the property in 2002, had always been privately owned. Since our purchase of this property we have been slowly developing it into a vibrant retreat centre.

We Need Your Help
This is an invitation to you to contribute to the building up of resources and facilities at Dorje Ling, or to helping raise the required funds to repay the loan on the property. Please participate in the preservation of this Centre which will continue to support the teaching of wisdom, compassion and non-clinging awareness.

What We Need
We need people to pledge an amount monthly to help us to service our loan, people who can donate to the maintenance of the property, and people who can help in practical ways to administer the property.

Dorje Ling is the second oldest retreat centre in Australia. It hosted its first meditation retreat in 1977, led by Phra Khantipalo. In 1978, Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden taught the first Lam Rim (Graduated Path to Enlightenment) course, with Zasep Tulku Rinpoche translating. Zasep Tulku Rinpoche was subsequently invited and agreed to become spiritual director.

From the beginning, the list of retreats and teachers who have taught there reflects the richness and depth of all traditions of Buddhism. As well as Phra Khantipalo, Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden and Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, teachers have included Traleg Rinpoche, Ayya Khema, Hogen San, Gala Tulku Rinpoche, Jampa Gendun, Tarchin Hearn and Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey.

The Gompa was built using bullocks. Huge logs were cut in the bush in the 1970s, and dragged onto the site by a bullock team led by Harold Riley and Henry Steers. The strength and solidity of the resulting building have been an unique feature of this Centre which has been enjoyed by retreatants ever since.

Tashi Choling Dharma Foundation Inc. have purchased this property for the ongoing use of the Sangha.

Dorje Ling gallery:

Winter at Dorje Ling. Thanks to our caretaker for these photos.

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