One Bright Moon

Women’s Silent Meditation Retreat
3 – 9 November 2022

At Dorje Ling, Lorinna Tasmania



At times we can feel lost in the dark. We may feel confused, uncertain and filled with self-doubt. Naturally, we look for a solution, a remedy, a fix, a way out. Yet this darkness becomes the very thing to turn towards. Sitting patiently, we may find a quiet luminosity emerging. The light inside the dark. Who can say where this light emerges from really? Is it within or without, ours or not ours? Never mind. The Buddha pointed to this luminosity, a shining possibility of wise understanding.

Gathering together during this full moon phase, we’ll take the time to settle into the peace of samadhi (wellbeing, shamatha, meditative absorption). Somatic practice and Dharma inquiry can support opening to wholeness and aliveness – an expansion of being beyond our usual limited sense of self. A time for nourishment.

Place: Dorje Ling is a wild and beautiful retreat sanctuary located in the valley of Lorinna, Tasmania.

Teacher: Lizzie Turnbull has been practising in the Buddha Dharma since 1985, first taking refuge with Zasep Tulku Rinpoche and then later finding her way to Zen and Insight Meditation (Vipassana). Since 2010 she has taught in the Insight tradition and guides the Flowing Mountain meditation group in Brunswick Heads.  For many years she has explored the fertile meeting ground between Buddhist practice and psychotherapy and is particularly interested in how embodiment practices support wellbeing and awakening.

Arrival and departure times: Arrive by 5pm for a light evening meal on Thursday November 3 and Depart after lunch Wednesday November 9.

Cost: $660 full fee
$510 Concession

2 scholarships: $200 (Conditions apply. Ask at booking form stage.)

Dana (generosity): Teachers give generously of their time and energy before and during retreats. They receive no payment for this and are supported by donations from those attending retreats. At the end of the retreat you are invited to practice generosity and any donations will be gratefully received. Dana supports the continuation of the teachings.

Limit: 15 people.

Covid protocols: We follow all Tasmanian Health guidelines on our retreats. Given the location of the retreat we require that retreatants are fully vaccinated. We will ask you to undertake a RAT before coming. There will be guidelines in place to ensure as much as possible the wellbeing of all.  As the requirements and conditions are constantly changing, you will be kept up to date with information. 

Please Note: For people experiencing mental health conditions, meditation is not a substitute for professional clinical treatment. In particular, meditation may be harmful for people experiencing Complex Trauma, PTSD, significant Substance Dependence or Psychotic Disorders. If in doubt, please seek advice from a psychologist or psychiatrist and speak to our Retreat Manager before booking your place.

Making a Booking
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