January 2018 retreat/working bee

During the January 2018 retreat/working bee we had a mixed program.

An intimate group meditated, discussed, mindfully walked and swam in the mornings and then worked hard in the heat until late in the afternoon. The framing and rafters are in place and here are a couple of photos to illustrate. Lou-anne weeded thistles and put fly screens on windows, which were much appreciated in the hot weather, Armin weeded a couple of beds in the veggie garden. Lissa, Jill, Kate and Guy ensured that we were abundantly supplied with delicious, nutritious food, and the rest of us including Jack, Tony, Cindy, Leah and Charles worked with Guy on the shed. Kate did major clean up of the pantry and room next to the kitchen and Damian slashed the paddock near Rinpoche’s house.