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Vajrachara, Ven. Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche


Tape 1: Starting from Square One
Tape 2: The difference between living art and dead art
Tape 3: Aggression and Sense of Humor in Art

Karme-Choling, December 1974

Marpa II

Kensington, California, January 1975

Part 1: Marpa’s style as applied to the beginning practitioner
Part 2: Relationship of Marpa and his students
Part 3: Becoming a member of the lineage

Meditation and Prayer in the Buddhadharma

Talks given at Karme Choling, July 1976

Session 1: Theistic and non-theistic teachings.
Session 2: Empty heart.
Session 3: Lineage and heritage.
Session 4: Basis of truth.
Session 5: Practice and workability.

Vipasyana Insight

Karme-Choling, September 1974.

1. Introduction
2. Relation to Samatha Meditation
3. Panoramic Awareness
4. Continued Development of Panoramic Awareness
5. Obstacles to Awareness
6. Meaning of Loneliness and Aloneness
7. Discipline, Joy, and Basic Sanity

Theory and Practice of Meditation – 1978

(further details unknown)

The Meaning of Death

One tape. Karme-Choling, March 1973.

Ven. Pema Chodron


Kagyu Evam Institute, Easter 1994. 11 sessions in all.

Getting UNstuck: Breaking your habitual patterns and encountering naked reality.

Session 1: Learning to stay
Session 2: The habit of distraction
Session 3: Meditation: the path to enlightenment
Session 4: Enjoying the process
Session 5: Tools for liberation
Session 6: Taking your practice into the world

Anger, Desire, Delusion

4 tapes

Female Faces of Buddha

2 tapes

Foundations of Mindfulness

2 tapes

Unconditional Confidence

2 talks: 9 tracks and 12 tracks

Sex and Relationship

2 tapes

The Inconvenience of Desire

2 tapes

Ritual in daily life

1 tape

Geshe Dawa Gyaltsen

Calm Abiding

Talks given on 7 – 8 October, 1995. Four tapes. Unfortunate hum in the recording.

Green Tara commentary.

Recorded on 15 October 1995. There is a nasty hum in the recording. 2 tapes.


Given at Tashi Choling, October 10, 1995. 1 tape

Jampa Gendun

Three Essential Aspects of the Buddhist Path: Determination to Grow, Awakening Heart, and Awakening Mind.

11-12 July 1992. Five tapes

The 3 fundamental aspects of the path

Illusion Farm, Easter 1994

Tape 1. Correcting our Motivation, Taking Refuge in a Safe Direction, Faith, Motivation, Breathing Meditation.
Tape 2. Meditation, Posture, Walking Meditation, Determination to Grow.
Tape 3. Freedom and Opportunity to Practice, Death, Precious Human Rebirth, Motivation, Causes of Change.
Tape 4. Motivation, Karma, 4 Powers.
Tape 5. 4 Opponent Powers (cont’d). Vows, Ethics, 10 Non-Virtuous Actions, Suffering, Buddha Nature.
Tape 6. Buddha Nature, Mindfulness of Breathing (Choiceless Awareness), Suffering, Impermanence, Selflessness.
Tape 7. Walking Meditation, Recap. Awakening Heart, Compassion, Equality of Self and Others, Refuge.
Tape 8. Meditation Instructions, Awakened Mind, 4-point Analysis of Selflessness.

Tuesday Evenings

Jampa Gendun teaching on Tuesday nights at Tashi Choling centre, Liverpool St Hobart.

15/8/95 (Note for 15 August: “There is a scratchy sound. This sound is the hairs on
Japma’s neck rubbing the Microphone.”)
1/10/95 (should be 3/10/95 maybe)
24/10/95 – Karma, ethics, vows

Introduction to Buddhism (2 tapes) 1990

Meditation on Selflessness (2 tapes) 1990

The Buddhist View of Reality (1 tape) 28 Jan 1993

Talk to Religious Studies students (1 tape) 28 June1989

Group discussions (1 tape) 1989

Unnamed talk, 21 Nov 1995 (1 tape)

Discussion on wisdom & compassion 1989 (1 tape)

Talk 21.11.95 (1 tape)

Developing Wisdom 30-31 Jan 1993, 5 tapes

Talks and meditation. Date unknown.

Tape 1: Talks and meditation
Tape 2: Talks and meditation. Confession prayer and Shakyamuni meditation by Yeshe Khadro.

Talks and meditation 2 Feb 1993 (2 tapes)

Weekend Jan 28-30 2009 (8 tapes)

Tape 1: Introduction
Tape 2: The three principal aspects of the path
Tape 3: The three principal aspects of the path. Questions
Tape 4: Discussion, purification, Sakyamuni visualisation
Tape 5: Sakyamuni Buddha visualisation, meditation equalising self with others,  introduction to refuge.
Tape 6: Equalising self with others, disadvantages of self-cherishing
Tape 7: Disadvantages of self-cherishing, group discussion, advantages of cherishing others
Tape 8: Exchange of self with others, meditation on taking and giving, purification meditation.

Cecilie Kwiat

“Demistifying Tantra, Mystifying Self” and “Four Foundations of Mindfulness”.

Recorded between 19 and 27 October  2002. Poor quality audio on originals.

Demistifying Tantra, Mystifying Self
First session was not recorded.
Session 1: Precious Human Rebirth, practice.
Session 2: 19/10 afternoon, Loving Kindness, Meditation.
Session 3: 20/10 Afternoon Session

Four Foundations of Mindfulness.
Session 4: 24/10 Afternoon Session(Morning session not recorded)
Session 5: Saturday 26/10, Part One
Session 6: Sat 26/10 continued
Session 7: Sat 26/10 continued, Sun 27/10 part one
Session 8: Sunday 27/10 continued
Session 9: Sunday 27/10 conclusion

14th Dalai Lama of Tibet 1992


Environment Talk, Wrest Point Hotel May 1992
Buddhist Discourse: Sheraton Hotel May 6th 1992
Peace and the Environment Hobart 5th May 1992

PERTH 1992

Welcome to Perth Australia, Thursday 30 April 1992, Perth Entertainment Centre
Visions of Peace, Thursday 30th April 1992, Perth Entertainment Centre
Symposium Mind Science, a dialogue between East and West, Wednesday 29th

(April 1992, Octagon Theatre, University of Western Australia Perth.)


Tape 1: Happiness in a material world. Sunday 19/5/02
Tape 2: Atisha’s lamp on the path. 20/5/02, morning
Tape 3: Atisha’s lamp on the path. 20/5/02, afternoon
Tape 4: Atisha’s lamp on the path. 20/5/02, afternoon
Tape 5: Atisha’s lamp on the path. 21/5/02, morning
Tape 6: Atisha’s lamp on the path. 21/5/02, morning
Tape 7: Atisha’s lamp on the path. 21/5/02, afternoon
Tape 8: Atisha’s lamp on the path (Chenrezig) 22/5/08, morning
Tape 9: Atisha’s lamp on the path. Wed 22/5/02, afternoon
Tape 10: Atisha’s lamp on the path. 22/5/02, afternoon


Public talks. 2 tapes.

Denis Marsh

6th Lam Rim Weekend, November 16-17

Year unknown, recorded possibly in Hobart, Australia (This one has quite good sound.)

Session One: The correct manner of listening to the dharma
Session Two: The correct manner of listening to the dharma
Session Three: Refuge, visualisations, and death & rebirth
Session Four: Death and impermanence

Geshe Doga – 7 tapes

Tapes 1 and 2: Green Tara Initiation and commentary (Initiates Only Please) 27.12.91

Tapes 3, 4 and 5: The Awakening Heart.
Session 1, 28.12.91: Introduction, Developing Equanimity, Recognising all living beings as our mother

Session 2, 28.12.91: The Self-Centred Mind, Remembering the kindness of all our mothers,
Repaying their kindness
Session 3, 29.12.91: Loving feeling, Great compassion, Superior intention, Bodhicitta

Tape 6, 30.12.91 Relationships. Questions.

Tape 7: Questions 31.12.91

Geshe Sonam Rinchen

Heart Sutra 1993

Introduction to Vajrayana 1986

Speaking at Koonya, Tas – details unknown

Peace as a personal thing (1986)

Seven Point Mind Training (1990)

“Paths to Shangri-la”

“Paths to Shangri-la” is a five-part series on the thought, both in history and at the present, of Tibet — for so long a land of mystery described by adventurers of the last century as Shangri-La, the Lost Horizon. “Paths to Shangri-La” is compiled and presented by Gabriel Lafitte.

“Paths to Shangri-la” gives a detailed analysis of politics and psychology in Tibetan culture and explores that country’s 2500-year-old psychology. It includes an interview with the fourteenth Dalai Lama, spiritual and worldly leader of the Tibetan people, recorded at the place where 2500 years ago a young prince meditated under a tree and became the Buddha. Today Tibet under Chinese Communist rule is one of the most inaccessible parts of the world and since Chairman Mao’s armies marched in a generation ago, the dalai Lama has been a refugee.

Tibetans young and old, men and women, Buddhist and Communist, tell their story and the series includes a look at Tibet itself. To the Chinese, for instance, Tibet was no paradise on earth; it was a feudal, barbaric hell which they have modernised, leaping centuries forward in a single generation.

The series also explains Tibetan Buddhism’s ancient psychology of mental development and includes accounts by doctors, psychologists, scientists and ordinary Australians of their own experiments with psychology.

This series was broadcast by the ABC between 9.8.79 and 6.9.79.

Western Buddhist Teachers Conference Dharamsala, March 1993

Session 1: Day 1, morning, Teachers Training
Session 2: Day 1, morning, Teachers Training
Session 3: Day 1, afternoon
Session 4: Day 1, afternoon. Teachers and Ethics
Session 5: Day 2, morning, Authenticity and Adaptation
Session 6: Day 2, morning, Authenticity and Adaptation
Session 7, Day 2, afternoon, Sectarianism and Over-adaptation
Session 8: Day 2, afternoon (continued), Day 3, morning, Psychology and Dharma
Session 9: Day 3, morning, Psychology and Dharma
Session 10: Day 3, afternoon, Women and Dharma
Session 11: Day 3, afternoon, Women and Dharma, Sectarianism
Session 12: Day 4, morning, Monasticism
Session 13: Day 4, morning (continued) Monasticism, Day 4, afternoon, Conclusion and Open Letter
Session 14: Day 4 afternoon, Conclusion

Ven. Santidhammo

2002 (2 tapes)

Lama Thubten Choedak

Understanding the Buddhist Tantras.

BSS 1990. 6 tapes.


Misc 1.

Side A: Confession Prayer to 35 Buddhas(chanting) & Shakyamuni Buddha led by Yeshe Khadro
Side B: Loving Kindness meditation led by Jampa Gendun

Misc 2.

Vancouver BC Canada 1996
Guru Puja, Long Life “Ten Zhug” ceremony, Tsok – 2 tapes

Misc 3.

Wendy Finster, Hobart, 26/6/88

Misc 4. Dates unknown.

  1. Chanting. Dharmacarini. Jayapushpa leading.
  • Brief prayer to be reborn in the pure land
  • Invocation mantras
  • Different tunes for om mani padme hung: second one is kargyu tune
  • 100-syllable mantra
  • Amitaba mantra (Tibetan style)
  • Compassion mantra
  • Buddha’s auspicious victory verses
  • Group protection
  1. Santikaro: Fire Talk

Misc 5.

Dr Alex Berzin. My life with the lamas. Talk given at Koonya, Tas on 7/9/88.

Misc 6.

Misc 7.

Lama Sogyal Rinpoche. Interview on ABC Radio, International Year of Peace, 1986.

Misc 8.

Ajahn Jagaro. 18/1/91. Peace: Conflict and the seeds of war.

Misc 9.

Ven. Kaye Miner. The Meaning Of Life From A Buddhist Perspective. Hobart, 21 Oct 1994.


Paritta chanting (Wat Saket). Dhammacakka Sutta.

Misc 11.

Thubten Yeshe and Thubten Zopa. Morning prayers (chanting). No date or location.


Various teachers
May be incomplete.
1998-1999 sessions

Tape 01: Creativeness of the authors (Sept 22/98) Daniela B
Tape 02: Qualities of Lamrim Sept 27/98 Brian D
Tape 03: Study and Meditation Oct 6/98 Cindyla R
Tape 04: Study & Meditation Oct 13/98 Cindyla R
Tape 05: Lower Realms Oct 17/98 Brian D
Tape 06: Precious Human Rebirth Nov 3/98 Debra S
Tape 07: Refuge Nov 10/98 Sharon G.
Tape 08: Karma Dec 1/98 Debra S
Tape 09: 4 Noble Truths Dec 8/98 Bruce H
Tape 10: Suffering of Samsara Dec 15/98 Bruce H
Tape 11: Guru Devotion Part 1 Jan 10/99 Bruce H
Tape 12: Guru Devotion Part 2 Jan 10/99 Bruce H
Tape 13a: Zasep Tulku Rinpoche Jan 12/99 (Blank, deleted)
Tape 13: Zasep Tulku Rinpoche Jan 12/99
Tape 14: Great Scope Feb 2/99 Mary Jane
Tape 15: 7-fold Cause & Effect Feb 9/99 Mary Jane
Tape 16: LoJong Feb 16/99 Cindyla R
Tape 17: Exchanging Self for Others Feb 23/99 Mary Jane
Tape 18: Ethics March 9/99 Sharon G
Tape 19: Patience March 16/99 Angela H
Tape 20: Generosity March 23/99 Debra S
Tape 21: Perseverance April 6/99 Angela H
Tape 22: Concentration April 20/99 Chuck B
Tape 23: Wisdom April 27/99 Chuck B
Tape 24: Wisdom May 4/99 Chuck B
Tape 25: Wisdom/Emptiness May 11/99 Chuck B
Tape 26: Bodhicitta/Vows May 25/99 Sharon G

Ven. Zasep Tulku Rinpoche

Talks given in Tasmania 2008

01. Everyday Buddhist Practice. Public talk at Weeroona, 326 Elizabeth St Hobart, Ven. Zasep Tulku Rinpoche on Friday Feb 8.
Sat. 9 Feb – Sunday 10 Feb at Weeroona: “Thought Transformation – Taming the Wild Elephant.”
02. Lojong
03. Meditation on mindfulness
04. Tong Len
04b Tong Len (continued – questions)
Tuesday 12 Feb at Weeroona – Meditation: Overcoming obstacles in daily practice (recording failed sorry, no tape)
Friday 15 Feb – Tuesday 19 Feb: Retreat at Dorje Ling, Lorinna entitled: Healing Trauma and Generating Spiritual Awakening through Mindfulness Meditation.
Followed by Green Tara Initiation.

Chod (2 sessions. Dates and times of these sessions unknown.)

Session one: 12 tapes
Tape 1: Introduction, prayers and mantras
Tape 2:
Tape 3:
Tape 4: Chod, Sadhana lecture, Seven-limb practice, qualities of the dakinis
Tape 5: Explanation of the sadhana, seven limbs, continued Mandala offering, combining chod practice and four foundations.
Nine point breathing exercise
Page 12, 13
Tape 6: Explanation of the sadhana, page 14. Pages 15 – 17. Pages 18-21.
Tape 7: Explanation of the sadhana, pages 21-23. Use of damaru and trumpet. Questions. Page 24, and revision of page 19.
Tape 8: Explanation of the sadhana. 37-8 continued. Questions. Breathing exercises. 1: Vase 2: turning like a wheel 3: bending like a hook 4: vajra mudra 5: like a vomiting dog 6: shaking head and bodies. Questions.
Tape 9:  Explanation of the sadhana. Page 25: thought transformation, exchanging oneself for others. Page 26: Tong len. Questions.
Tape 10: questions continued.
Tape 11: Explanation of the sadhana. Page 27, meditation in sunyata, questions.
Tape 12: Questions on sunyata meditation, continued. Sunyata meditation techniques continued.

Chod session 2

Date and location unknown.
Two tapes.
Tape 1: Questions, explanation of the sadhana, retreat methods, daily practice, dedication, questions.
Tape 2: Questions


January 1984, Illusion Farm.
11 tapes.

Tape 1. Introduction to the practice. Motivation. Important pre-requisite of the practice.
Tape 2. Four ways of walking. Preparation at place & four foundations. Refuge & generating Bodhicitta. Guru yoga.
Tape 3. The seven-limb practice. Explanation of integration of foundation practice with chod practice. The inner mandala. 9 round breathing meditation.
Tape 4. The flowing of the nectar from the letter AH (purification). The actual practice: the stages of the white distribution. The stages of the red distribution.
Tape 5. Performing the manifold distribution. Repeat white, red, manifold distribution.
Tape 6. Giving dharma & meditating on taking & giving. Meaning of Chod mantra.
Tape 7. Meaning of Chod mantra (ctd). Meditating on the non-existence of nature (truly-existent) to accumulate wisdom.
Tape 8. Second outline – Watching one’s own mind and trying not to manipulate the object. Third outline – analytical meditation – where is the “I”. Demons of the practice.
Tape 9. Conclusion of chod practice. Post meditation practices. Comments. Signs of progress in practice. General instructions. Dedications.
Tape 10. Conclusion, general comments.
Tape 11. Guru/disciple relationship.

Death and Dying

Recorded on cassette tape, 17-18 April 1993, possibly at Illusion Farm, Lorinna, Tasmania, or in Hobart, Tasmania. 6 sessions

Guru Yoga

Toronto, January 1986

Lam Rim teachings – 1

Recorded at Illusion Farm, Lorinna, Tasmania in 1979.

Session One: Introductory lecture: The meaning of Dharma, What is Dharma Practice. Breathing Meditation. Including prayers.
Session Two: Listening to Dharma. Guru Yoga. Student and Spiritual Friend – Qualities and Relationship. Breathing Meditation.
Session Three: Guru Yoga (continued). Qualifications of a Mahayana teacher. Guru devotion. Perfect Human rebirth. The 8 freedoms and the 10 endowments. Breathing meditation.
Session Four: Impermanence and death.
Session Five: Refuge: Objects of Refuge. Shakyamuni Buddha visualisation.
Session Six: Suffering and the causes of suffering. The Six Root Delusions and Opponents. 7-limbed practice. Pride and prostrations.
Session Seven: 7-limbed practice. Purification and opponent powers. Impermanence meditation.
Session Eight: Karma
Session Nine: Renunciation, Bodhicitta
Session Ten: Generating Bodhicitta. The 7 Mahayana techniques of cause and effect. Meditation.
Session Eleven: Bodhicitta, cherishing others more than oneself. Tong-len Meditation.
Session Twelve: The Six Paramitas. Giving and Morality. Meditation.
Session Thirteen: The Six Paramitas. Patience and Perseverance.
Session Fourteen: The Six Paramitas. Wisdom, shunyata, and Concentration, samadhi.
Session Fifteen: Questions on Wisdom and Concentration

Lam Rim teachings – 2

Teaching given between 20 and 29 January 1995.

Session One: Original tape missing unfortunately
Session Two:
Session Three:
Session Four:
Session Five: NB. Side 2 of this tape was blank.
Session Six:
Session Seven:
Session Eight:
Session Nine: Side 1: temporary problem with tape transport mechanism
Session Ten:
Session Eleven: Problem with tape transport mechanism, side 1 and half of side 2.

Lam Rim teachings – 3

12 sessions. Tape one missing.

Tape 2: Perfect Human Rebirth (the freedoms of)
Tape 3: Impermanence and Death
Tape 4: Death and Dying
Tape 5: Refuge and Purification
Tape 6: Purification (7-limbed prayer)
Tape 7: Suffering
Tape 8: Karma
Tape 9: Mahayana Pate
Tape 10: Bodhicitta and 6 Perfections, Teacher/Student
Tape 11: Teacher/Student


Talks presented at Atisha Centre in 1993.

Tape 1. Introduction to Mahamudra. Tantric Mahamudra, Sutra Mahamudra.
Tape 2. Mahamudra visualisation. Questions and answers.
Tape 3. Ways of settling the mind, and how to see the mind. Awareness of mind: Where is mind?

The 4 levels of Tantra.

Recorded on cassette at Illusion Farm, Lorinna, Tasmania. March 9-10 1991

Sessions 1-5 (Unfortunately session 5 has a section of tape which didn’t record correctly, resulting in “donald duck” type sound. I could not resolve this issue using the original cassette. The affected area fortunately does not cover the second half of the tape.)

Miscellaneous teachings by Zasep Tulku Rinpoche:

Children’s Dharma Jan 95
Philosophy of meditation in Buddhism 1989
Practice of meditation 1984
Theory and practice of Buddhism and meditation 1984
White Manjushri sadhana 1991

Vajrayogini and Yamantaka Commentary

7 tapes, date and location of teachings unknown

Tape 1: Vajrayogini Commentary
Tape 2: Vajrayogini Commentary
Tape 3: Vajrayogini Commentary
Tape 4: Vajrayogini Commentary and Yamantaka Commentary
Tape 5: Yamantaka Commentary
Tape 6: Yamantaka Commentary
Tape 7: Yamantaka Commentary

Medicine Buddha Retreat

Recorded at Atisha Centre 1995
Four tapes

Lama Tsong Khapa Guru Yoga. 1 tape. Recorded 31/5/91 at Melbourne.

Childrens Dharma, Illusion Farm, Jan 1995

Yamantaka Commentary

3 tapes

Traleg Rinpoche

Dealing With Confusion (1984, 2 tapes)

Meditation In Action (1984, 2 tapes)

Vipassyana Meditation (1984, 2 tapes)


Feb 1988, Illusion Farm and Jackeys Marsh … Talks 1-5 at Illusion Farm … Talk 6 at Jackeys Marsh
Tape 1: Talks 1 and 2
Tape 2: Talks 2 and 3
Tape 3: Talks 4 and 5
Tape 4: Talks 5 and 6

Shamatha meditation, Hobart 15 Sep 1984 (1 tape)

Kalka Rinpoche

Chod: April 1994

Tape 1: Initiation (2 April)
Tape 2: Initiation / Instruction on use of drum (2 April)
Tape 3: Instruction on use of drum & bell (2 April and 7 April). Refuge Prayer
Tape 4: Chanting, bell & drum instructions (7 April). Refuge Prayer.

Tape 5: Preliminary prayers, Bodhicitta, Guru Yoga, 7-limbed Prayer. Mandala Offering, Lineage Prayer, Requesting Blessings.
Tape 6: Continued

Yeshe Khedro

The 37 Practices, 7 tapes

Recorded at Tashi Choling from 13 November 1993

Tape 1: Introduction, practices 1-3, the 37 Practices of all Buddhas, Children
Tape 2: The 37 Practices of all Buddhas, Children 3-6
Tape 3: The 37 Practices of all Buddhas, Children 6-9
Tape 4: The 37 Practices of the Sons of Buddha, 10-15
Tape 5: The 37 Practices of the Sons of Buddha, 16-20 ***UNFORTUNATELY THIS TAPE WAS BLANK
Tape 6: The 37 Practices of the Sons of Buddha, 21 – ?
Tape 7: The 37 Practices of the Sons of Buddha (final tape)

Womens Group, Tashi Choling, 12 Nov 1993

Be Happy and Useful
A talk recorded at the Philip Smith Centre on Thursday 18 November 1993. This talk followed a video “What do they do in there”, ABC documentary, recorded at Chenrezig Institute, Eudlo QLD.

H. H. the Jetsun Dhampa

Severing practice (1 tape, recorded 17 April 1994, location unknown)


The development of positive emotions. Recorded 2 July 1993

The heart of Buddhism – Generosity. Recorded 6 June 1991

Loving kindness with music by Jaro-Kova (date unknown)

Four elements of power 22 April 1994

Guided meditation and dhamma talk 28 April 1990

The framework of Buddhism. Recorded 30 June 1990 at Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre, Perth

Ven. Ajahn Nyanadhammo

The Seven Factors of Enlightenment


Walking Meditation


Vehicle to Enlightenment


Patrick Campisi

The Concise Meanings of the Stages of the Path

4th session, 10-11 August 1991
2 tapes

Sonam Jampa

Introduction to “The concise meaning of the stages of the path”.

18-19 May 1991
3 tapes

Ven. Nyanana Dhammo


Teaching at Tashi Choling Hobart
2 tapes

Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin

Discipline and delight. Santa Barbara, California, May 1977. 1 tape.

Kindling the flame of enlightenment. Karme-Choling, July 1977

Tape 1: 1. Mahayana: training to be genuine. 2: Discovery of Buddha-nature: Celebration and Doubt.
Tape 2. 3: Making friends with self and other.
Tape 3. 4: Sunyata and Skilful Means

The Jewel Ornament of Liberation

Naropa Institute 6/77

Talk 1: Sunyata: the Essence of Samsara and Nirvana
Talk 2: The Working Basis
Talk 3: Meeting Spiritual Friends
Talk 4: Karma and the Six Realms
Talk 5: Soft Spot
Talk 6: The Aspiration and Accomplishment of the Bodhisattva Vow
Talk 7: The Attitude and Practice of the Bodhisattva Path
Talk 8: Buddha Activity

Luang Pee

Tape 1: Impermanence/Permanence. Becoming. Ixtlan Farm, Nimbin, NSW, 1976
Tape 2: Ignorance, Subject/Object. Ixtlan Farm, Nimbin, NSW, 1976
Tape 3: Concepts, Meditation. Biarra, July 1976
Tape 4: Living in Totality, Security, Awareness. Biarra, July 1976
Tape 5: Finding Space, Emptiness. 29 Cordeaux St West End (Finding Space) and Ixtlan Farm, Nimbin, Oct 1976 (Emptiness)

Geshe Thubten Loden

The Graded Path (Lam Rim) and Mahamudra. Broken set.  Dec 1981.

Tapes 1-33. Missing: Tapes  5, 6, 12, 18, 19, 24, 30, 31, 32, 33.

Uttara Tantra.

Undated. Translated by Zasep Tulku Rinpoche. Cassette info: A 2B MSA GES
Tapes 1-55. 2 tapes missing. Some tapes, particularly towards the end, nearly lost in background hiss.

Richard Baker – Roshi

Tape 1: The power and necessity of views. September 1997
Tape 2: Mindology, not psychology. September 1997