I went to the 2015 Dorje Ling Easter Retreat not knowing what to expect. I left with a deeply impacting experience that and a memory that I will always treasure. The forests in the mist, the quiet of the Gompa at 6am with a gently crackling fire, the genuine warmth of the people… Although I gather the topics discussed were quite entry-level buddhism, they provided more than enough challenge for me, and covered some real mind-shifting concepts.

Having almost no experience of yoga or meditation, I can say that I am thoroughly converted, and really impressed by the practicality and day-to-day usefulness of the Dharma concepts presented. It’s eye-opening to see a framework that gives you a fighting chance of actually building real changes into your mind where you desperately want them, and seems to get tangible results.

I liked how open-handedly the Dharma is shared, with an attitude of participating as much or as little as is of benefit to the individual, and taking on as much as you feel comfortable with. Nothing gets shoved down your throat, and you are free to use your own mind. I’d encourage Tashi Choling be confident about inviting any non-Buddhist or curious individual to come along. There’s heaps in this retreat that anyone could benefit from trying.

~ First-time retreatant Joe, 2015