Solo retreat information

We ask that people who come for more than a few days to do personal retreats at our Centre, have put in place a specific spiritual practice which has been recommended or approved by a recognised teacher. Do you have such a teacher, who is able to support you in your planning, and what is your plan for your retreat? If you are doing a retreat for a week or longer, we also require that you have a support person on hand whom you can call in the case of any problems you might encounter, and who is able to come and pick you up if necessary.

The Retreat Centre is not available as a holiday destination.

The Centre a long way away from anywhere, and quite isolated. There are no shops, and retreatants have to bring in all of their own supplies as well as doing their own cooking/cleaning/catering. Mattresses, pillows and cooking facilities are provided.

The only person permanently on the property is the caretaker. He will only be able to help with practical matters like changing gas cylinders or any equipment problems. He is not able to give any spiritual or personal counselling at all.

There’s no public transport into the Centre, so you will need to arrange to drive in, and you can get a map from the website to make sure you can find it OK. If you are coming from interstate or overseas, you could fly in to Launceston or Devonport and hire a car from there.

Current bookings in our calendar, for your reference, are on this page.

Please ask if you have any more questions about these practical matters, or about our requirements.

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